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21 września 2019

Magdalena Bogdanowicz (For healthy and flourishing work cultures. Emotions, Mindset & Values in Business)

Learning about myself from horses has been one of the most powerful growth experiences. Florek and his mates did not understand my words, they did't use social nor cultural norms, no over-intelectualized filters. They were sensing my authenticity: my emotions, attitude, inner power, the way I show up in this relationship. As if they had radar of the "deep intention". Once I have been changing inside, their behaviour has been changing as well... Trials, errors, successes. An amazing lesson of self-awareness and being mindful of how my inner state is impacting others... beyond the words, beyond the content. Everything under the guidance of an exceptional trainer and human: thank you Anna Zdzieszyńska.


Magdalena - rozwojowe spotkanie z końmi